HRCH Mirabelle WoodDuck Carbon Copy MH, WCI, WCX, CGC

Mirabelle Labradors was established in 1993 with the addition of a little yellow pup
named Belle to our family. Little did we know then what a fantastic journey she
would take us on! Mirabelle is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and
we are very lucky to have the perfect setting to raise our Labrador family. Our focus
over the years has been to provide ourselves and others who love the breed a healthy,
versatile Labrador with loving friendly temperaments as well as correct conformation.

While our primary focus is the conformation ring, Labs that we have bred and/or
owned have also excelled at Agility, Obedience, Article Scent Detection, Search and
Rescue, Tracking and as excellent Hunting companions. Labs are very versatile *and*
smart, however we feel that one of the most important jobs of all for our Labs
is being their families loved and cherished pet!

All our Labs have appropriate OFA Hip and Elbow clearances. We also believe that
PennHip Evaluations provide a useful piece of information when evaluating the
Hip health of our dogs. Eye (AVCO) clearances are done annually. We occasionally
have puppies available to approved homes. And at times we may have a
young adult available to a caring and responsible home.

We are members of the following Clubs:


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