Thank you for your interest in our puppies. I thoughtfully plan for our puppies
well in advance, researching pedigrees, checking health clearances,
and making sure that any Labrador that I breed or breed to has a
correct Labrador temperament and is of the highest quality!

My goal with each breeding is to improve upon and compliment our female's
conformation and breed type, with a male that has compatible qualities.
I hope all this planning and research will present us with happy,
healthy and beautiful Labradors!

It is very important to us that we place our puppies (or adult dogs) in
the very best *forever homes* that we possibly can. We require that
our prospective new families fill out our Puppy Questionnaire Form prior
to scheduling a visit with us. This form helps us to get to know what you are
looking for in a new family member and also helps us to get to know you
and your family a little better. Our pet puppies are placed with
Spay/Neuter agreements and on AKC Limited Registration. Any
potential show prospects stay here with us! And we
do not sell Labradors for breeding, so please do not ask us!!

Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of attention and love. They
are socialized with my children and their friends, and once old enough,
with our other dogs. As our puppies grow they are also exposed to a
number of new experiences which allows them to become healthy well
adjusted puppies, ready to take on the world! This level of attention ensures
their social development and their readiness to take their place as a loving
member of their new family. Early socialization, daily contact and handling
of puppies (newborn - 8 weeks) is critical and is something we feel is a
very important part of our puppies daily routine.

There are many Labrador breeders out there and while many are truly
reputable and respected, there are breeders who who will take advantage
of the *ill informed* or *novice* puppy buyer. BE CAREFUL!!! I strongly
recommend that you make a point of VISITING the breeder you are speaking
with prior to placing a deposit on any puppy!! Many times a visit to the breeder
that you thought sounded wonderful and full of knowledge on the telephone
may reveal some disturbing issues that will only come to light by
*VISITING* the breeders home.

We believe that if someone chooses to breed that they should commit
to "giving back" to their dogs by providing their dogs with the very best
housing and living enviournments possible. We try to do that here by
continually updating our dogs living areas (ie: new fences, dog beds,
dog houses, new toys, bones, heated living areas etc...). Our puppies are
raised in our home, are house trained, learn house manners, receive basic
obedience and show training. Our adult dogs DO NOT spend 100% of their
lives "crated" inside our home. They DO spend much of their time
outside (weather permitting), hanging out with us in in the house and/or
our heated kennel area. Our doggie "kennel" area is connected to, and is part of
our home and was built with our dogs specific needs in mind.

Large dogs need room to run and play, preferably "on grass". We feel
this keeps them physically healthy and mentally stimualated. Breeders
who have been breeding for many years should know this and certainly
have had time over the years to provide a *proper* living situation for their
dogs. If they have not done that, this tells me that they do not "invest"
themselves first and foremost in the well being of their dogs and you may
want to look elsewhere for a breeder who cares and is more
commited to giving back to their dogs.

The following is a list of questions that you should ask any breeder
that you contact regarding their puppies. Make a point to ask *many*
questions and please VISIT prior to reserving your puppy. Please take the
time to educate yourself........after all this is a lifetime commitment
for you, your family and your new puppy!

1. Ask what the OFA Hip AND Elbow certifications are on the prospective
puppies parents. Ask to see copies of the certifications. Prospective puppy
owners should ensure that the breeder of their puppy have had radiographs
of the dam's hips submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for
review by experts in the field of canine orthopedics and hip dysplasia;
likewise, the breeder should have ascertained the Sire's OFA certification.
All certificates should be available to the prospective puppy owner for
inspection. You can verify OFA information with the parents AKC numbers
at the following web site

2. The key to prevention of eye disorders lies in the attempt to control
both environmental and hereditary factors. Proper nutrition is essential
to healthy eye development. Screening breeding stock for the presence of eye
disorders and eliminating affected individuals from the gene pool is a major
contribution toward eradicating eye disorders within a breed. Ask to see
eye certificates of both parents. Eye clearance certificates would be

3. Ask the breeder about where they whelp, raise and keep their puppies
from birth to 8 weeks of age? Ask to see the area/s.

4. Ask the breeder about what measures they take to socialize their
puppies prior to their arrival in your home?

5. Ask the breeder about what type of diet they have provided to the
Dam (mother) of the puppies during pregnancy. And ask what they have fed
their puppies during weaning until the time they go to their new homes.
Puppies AND their mothers should be fed a raw foods and/or an "all natural"
PREMIUM brand dog food. Examples of these would include:

Fresh RAW (BARF - "Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods") foods fed
along with a premium food such as; Premium Edge, Wellness, Innova,
Solid Gold, Wysong, Eagle Pack Holistic, Canidae, Biljac etc...

Typically a low cost or generic store brand dog food will be of a low
nutritional quality, there is a reason that the food is priced low! In our opinion
a low quality, low cost food is not something you should feed a pregnant or
lactating female with puppies (or ANY dog!). In today's society we are now
well aware of how nutritional deficits affect human pregnancy, birth and
intelligence in young and growing children - the same nutitional issues also apply
to our dogs. Having a healthy, well cared for dog *prior* to any
breeding is essential and a key factor in having healthy puppies!

6. When you visit a breeder ask to see and meet the Dam of the Puppies.
Also ask to meet the Sire if the Sire is on the premises. However many times
the breeder will not own the Sire. Quite often when planning a breeding
it is necessary to travel quite a distance to find a Male which compliments
your female and who has an appropriate pedigree, health
clearances, temperament and conformation.

7. Visit the breeder prior to reserving a puppy. When you visit the breeder
ask to see where they keep their adult dogs. The area should be secure and
safe for the dogs, they should be clean and all be in good weight,
happy and healthy.

8. It is important to prove the quality of your breeding stock. To that end
I believe that the breeder should make an effort to show their dogs in
conformation. Ask the breeder what recent shows they or their dogs have
attended. Ask how well their dogs did at the show? Ask what their upcoming
plans are and if you could attend to watch, even if you're not interested
in showing a dog's a good time to assess quality!

We hope that this information helps you in your search for a quality puppy!
If you would like to inquire about our plans for future puppies please send
an e-mail to

If you would like to schedule a time for a visit, please fill out our
Puppy Questionnaire form. Once we receive a completed questionnaire,
we will send information regarding the parents of our puppies. This information
will include OFA Hip and Elbow status, Eye clearance information as well as
pictures and pedigree information. We can then plan to speak on the phone
(603-539-6156) and set up a time for a visit. At any time during this
process please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

References from previous puppy owners, 3 Veterinary Practices, other
Breeders and personal references are available upon request, please
feel free to ask us for this information.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Dana and Tango


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