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All our puppies, with the exception of show prospects, are sold on
AKC Limited registration and with Spay/Neuter agreements.
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Have your children (if any) been exposed to dogs/animals?
If so, what was their reaction:

How old are your children?

Do you own or rent your home?

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If we do not have the sex you prefer are you willing to accept
a puppy of the opposite sex? If not, please explain why?

Please read the following list of activities or interests and list those that you
may be interested in:
Obedience, Search & Rescue, Show-Potential, Non-Show
Potential, Family Pet,Tracking, Agility, Hunting, Breeding Potential,
Therapy Work, Junior Handling, Other:

Do you plan to crate train a new puppy?

What method of training do you plan to use with your new puppy?

Are you on any other waiting lists? If so, who's?

Do you currently own other dogs? If so, what breeds, what ages,
what sexes. Please list deceased dogs as well:

Have you ever gone to obedience or puppy classes with a dog?
How many classes did you attend and did you feel they were helpful?
If you have not attended puppy training classes in the past,
would you be willing to commit to a puppy training class
with your new puppy?

Please list two personal references and any prior Breeders you may
have worked with so we may contact them:

Please list the name, address and telephone number of your current
or a previous Vet used:

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